Mission Statement


gpmaroubra is a specialist primary care clinic committed to providing outstanding health
care to individuals and the community; and excellence in professional medical training for
students and junior doctors.


People who attend gpmaroubra feel that their health needs are being met at the highest standards of
care, and that enough time is spent with a doctor or nurse in the delivery of health care.


gpmaroubra is not a medical centre. It is a medical home for people where all your healthcare needs
are coordinated. Our doctors are chosen for their abilities to deliver outstanding healthcare by:
excellence in medical knowledge; excellence in communication; ability to work as a team member and
commitment to the ethos of outstanding, patient-centered, whole-person care. Our doctors all have or
are in the final year of gaining their specialist fellowship in general practice: the FRACGP.


Our team at gpmaroubra is passionate about the delivery of high quality whole person primary care
through a collaborative model of medical practice. This means we all work together: reception,
managers, nurses and doctors, to give people the best possible health outcomes.


Specialist general practice involves a deep knowledge of medicine and an integrated understanding of
all aspects of a person’s life that determine their health and wellbeing. This whole-person care
addresses the psychological, social, spiritual, nutritional, environmental and physical dimensions of a
person’s health and wellbeing.


At gpmaroubra we are also committed to the highest standards of professional development including
the enthusiastic teaching and training of medical students and junior doctors. We understand that as
teachers we also learn from our students and our patients.

gpmaroubra provides a supportive and stimulating work environment that promotes an interactive
and collaborative relationship amongst us all.
To deliver the highest quality health care and clinical training we are committed to a set of core


  • Best Practice – we work collaboratively with each other and our medical and allied health
    colleagues to deliver evidence based, patient-centered health care specific to the needs of
    individual patients. This core value is reflected in the teaching and learning undertaken with all
    our students and junior doctors
  • Priority – the care of our patients is our highest priority
  • Commitment – to excellence in health care and clinical teaching
  • Confidentiality – is respected for all patients and staff
  • Care and Compassion – is shown to all patients, staff and students
  • Collaboration – with patients, each other, other health care providers and teaching centers to
    provide the best possible environment for our patients, staff and students
  • Communication – is outstanding with patients, each other, other health care providers and
    teaching centers
  • Competence – is ensured at the highest level in all our work
  • Integrity – in everything we do at gpmaroubra ensures we are ethical, honest and transparent
  • Responsibility – is taken for our actions as individuals and as an organisation
  • Advocacy – for the best possible health care delivery to our patients